Fatma Clinic, was established in 2007 by Dr. Fatma Al Awadhi, a Consultant Developmental Pediatrician. It is a unique clinic that offers services to children with special needs medically and therapeutically, in addition to other specializations.

THAHAB however, is our luxurious facial spa that concentrates on providing skin treatment services using our exclusive Nano Gold Technology products in collaboration with OROGOLD from the heart of california.

Exclusively at THAHAB, we take your skin back in time, we use the treatments Cleopatra herself used on her skin, pure Gold,
The environment we created is to meet high skin standards and results using routines assigned by our expert beauticians.

"Our aim was to be the first luxurious facial spa in Kuwait to exclusively use Nano Gold Technology in our treatments for all skin types, and enhance beauty for all ladies and gentlemen.

Now we are."

Feda Al Awadhi