Laser Hair Removal

To our customers' satisfaction, we offer the latest advancements in Laser Hair Removal Technology. Laser Hair Removal has an impact on minimizing body hair gradually. It can be used on all body areas, including face. Sessions vary between one person and another but result can be seen from session 3. Towards the completion of a series of sessions, most hair will be permanently removed. We offer two Laser Machines.

  • Sciton Laser Hair Removal (Exclusive)

    A more advanced, cold laser hair removal machine, with an initial application of gel. Faster, Less Pain, More Affective.
  • Apogee Elite Laser Hair Removal

    The most commonly used cold laser machine worldwide. This machine is used on dry skin giving affective results.


  • Hair may come back in specific areas, as hormones change, for example during pregnancy.
  • Fine Hair can be minimized to a specific point, it can turn very vague for the naked eye to see, but may not necessarily be removed completely.
  • Laser can be harmful if your skin is being exposed to tanning.
  • Sensitive skin may get an irritation/temporary rash/sensitivity after a laser session.
  • Laser burns are not very common, but may occur. Be sure to not be wearing any makeup/lotions/oils during a laser session.